About Frazier’s

Since 1995, the Frazier family and the Frazier team have been serving surrounding communities of western middle Georgia. Beginning with the first location in Griffin, Georgia, we have transitioned and grown to a 4 store operation in Newnan and Sharpsburg, Georgia.

A lot of our customers would come in and tell us it was hard to find a good, home cooked meal in the area as they headed off to work.  They didn’t want fast food because it was exactly that, fast food and not made with care.  So Frazier’s answered the call and incorporated a hot fresh deli in each of our locations serving a fresh, homemade breakfast and lunch that will keep you fueled for the day.

Whether you are just starting the day or need something to keep you going, we have what you need.


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"The food was amazing and I am not one to eat out very often but they made a biscuit like I would make a biscuit. I will be back."

– Alison P.